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Enterprise Integration Solutions Provider

The influx of new technologies is a major source of disruption. 

CIM Concepts Provides the services and tools that can help you integrate AI, Mobile Devices, and IoT  with your enterprise systems. 

Our solutions  increase employee productivity, empower communication and collaboration, reduce costs and provide a personalized consumer experience.



Cross-Platform Mobile Client

Write once, deploy anywhere. 

Our ERPnGO Client empowers businesses to quickly and easily design, integrate, deploy and manage sophisticated enterprise mobile apps for 

iOS, Android, Windows-based devices, Magic Leap, Hololens, and IoT devices.

Awesome Features

Integrate easily with Enterprise backend systems such as SAP, Oracle. Salesforce, NAMS.

CIM Concepts can provide complete turnkey integrated solutions in a fraction of the time, thanks to our powerful Hybrid Technology embedded in our mobile client.  


Hybrid Techology

Once our client is deployed, any changes to the application logic are downloaded on the fly

Siri and Alexa integration

Integrate Siri or Alexa voice recognition with your enterprise systems

Augmented Reality Support

Create Powerful mixed reality applications for devices like the Hololens and Magic Leap

Many more features

Mapping, GEO Fencing, realtime notifications, signature capture, OCR, ...

AI Powered OCR Engine

Data Extraction that works!

Our OCR Engine is powered by our machine learning algorithm’s that understand what is being extracted.  This provides for a dramatic improvement in the accuracy of data being extracted.  Coupled with our CloudSensor Integrator and you can automate complete business processes with the power of AI. 

CloudSensor Integrator

IoT Integration!

Connect apps, systems, and data to the internet of things using CloudSensor Integrator.    Integrate data on IoT devices as well as with back-end applications.   Provides a flexible IoT architecture and deploy anywhere — on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.


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